Kyrylo Simonov

The author of PyYAML, LibYAML, HTSQL, and DataKnots.


13:30 UTC

FunSQL: a library for compositional construction of SQL queries

07/28/2021, 1:30 PM — 2:00 PM UTC

Julia programmers sometimes need to interrogate data with the Structured Query Language (SQL). But SQL is notoriously hard to write in a modular fashion. There is no way to reuse SQL query fragments among different queries.

FunSQL exposes full expressive power of SQL with a compositional semantics. FunSQL allows you to build queries incrementally from small independent fragments. This approach is particularly useful for building applications that programmatically construct SQL queries.

17:40 UTC

PrettyPrinting: optimal layout for code and data

07/29/2021, 5:40 PM — 5:50 PM UTC

PrettyPrinting is a library for formatting composite data structures. PrettyPrinting optimizes the layout of the data to make it fit the screen width.

Out of the box, PrettyPrinting can format Julia code and standard Julia containers. It can be easily extended to format custom data types.

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