Guilherme Fahur Bottino

Computational Chemist (Ph.D. Candidate) @ University of Campinas, Brazil; incoming Postdoc Researcher @ Wellesley College, USA. Chemistry teacher, Julia developer, Scientific Computing and Machine Learning enthusiast, casual MMORPG gamer, bartender and home cook. Programming makes Science even cooler! (He/Him/His)


19:20 UTC

TintiNet.jl: a language model for protein 1D property estimation

07/27/2022, 7:20 PM7:30 PM UTC

AI has inaugurated a new era in Bioinformatics, to the point where contemporary language models can extract structural information from processing single protein sequences. Contributing to this field, we built TintiNet.jl, a 100% open-source, open-data and Julia-based portable language model to predict 1D protein structural properties. Our model achieves top performance - computational and predictive -, when compared to other modern algorithms, with only a fraction of the parameter count.

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