Ranjan Anantharaman

I am a PhD candidate at the Julia Lab at MIT.


12:30 UTC

Adaptive Radial Basis Function Surrogates in Julia

07/28/2022, 12:30 PM1:00 PM UTC

This talk focuses on an iterative algorithm, called active learning, to update radial basis function surrogates by adaptively choosing points across its input space. This work extensively uses the SciML ecosystem, and in particular, Surrogates.jl.

17:10 UTC

The JuliaCon Proceedings

07/29/2022, 5:10 PM5:20 PM UTC

In this talk, we will present the JuliaCon proceedings, the purpose, scope, and target audience of this venue. The proceedings are a community-driven initiative to publish articles of interest to the research and developer communities gathered by JuliaCon, they do not require application processing fees nor a paywall on article, making both producing and accessing the articles possible for all. We will then give a quick tour of the reviewing and publication process which happen transparently in

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