Fons van der Plas

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19:00 UTC

🎈 Pluto.jl — one year later

07/28/2021, 7:00 PM7:30 PM UTC

Pluto.jl is a notebook IDE for Julia, with a focus on interactivity and education. In this talk, you'll learn about our work during the past year, and our future plans.

19:40 UTC

Open and interactive Computational Thinking with Julia and Pluto

07/28/2021, 7:40 PM8:10 PM UTC

We will discuss goals, ideas, technical tools and outcomes for the open, online, interactive course on "Computational Thinking with Julia" that we have been teaching for the last two semesters. The Pluto notebook has allowed us to develop a new approach to write both an online interactive textbook and interactive problem sets with built-in solution checks.

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