Luca Bottero

I am an undergraduate physics student at the University of Turin. I have a strong interest in many aspects of physics, ranging from theoretical physics to HEP and cosmology. Currently I am doing my undergraduate thesis about the study of the properties of the hypertriton nuclei with ALICE's data using machine learning techniques. Meanwhile, I am one of the co-founder of MLJC, a student association that focuses on ML research and know-how sharing. My interest are mainly on scientific ML, NLP & NLU, and the theoretical aspects of ML. One of my strongest motivation is to help accelerating pure sciences using ML approaches. I participated in the ProjectX 2020 competition held by the University of Toronto in the UniTo team.


13:30 UTC

Physics-Informed ML Simulator for Wildfire Propagation

07/29/2021, 1:30 PM1:40 PM UTC

The aim of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of re-implementing some key parts of the widely used Weather Research and Forecasting WRF-SFIRE simulator by replacing its core differential equations numerical solvers with state-of-the-art physics-informed machine learning techniques to solve ODEs and PDEs implemented in Julia, in order to transform it into a real-time simulator for wildfire spread prediction.

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