Ali Ramadhan

I am a grad student working in computational climate science at MIT. In the Julia world I've mostly been developing Oceananigans.jl. We're building a new climate written in Julia as part of the Climate Modeling Alliance project.


13:00 UTC

Scaling of Oceananigans.jl on multi GPU and CPU systems

07/29/2021, 1:00 PM1:10 PM UTC

This talk will present scaling and performance of the Oceananigans.jl ocean model on CPU and GPU systems. Oceananigans.jl is an all Julia code that is designed to study geophysical fluids problems ranging from idealized turbulence to planetary scale circulation. It uses the KernelAbstractions.jl package to support CPU and GPU single address space parallelism. It uses MPI.jl, to support multi-node and multi-GPU parallelism. MPI.jl is used both directly and through PencilArrays.jl.

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