Mohamed Tarek

A topology optimization researcher, a co-maintainer of Turing.jl, a scientist at Pumas-AI, and an enthusiastic learner of anything "scientific computing".


16:30 UTC

TopOpt.jl: topology optimization software done right!

07/28/2021, 4:30 PM โ€” 5:00 PM UTC

Topology optimization is a field lacking in good software tools. Most available software in this field either canโ€™t be installed easily on all operating systems, support one or a few simple types of problems, implement one or a few types of algorithms, lack modularity and a decent API, lack performance, or all of the above! TopOpt.jl is a Julian attempt to provide a modular, flexible and high performance tool for topology optimization researchers.

17:10 UTC


07/29/2021, 5:10 PM โ€” 5:20 PM UTC
JuMP Track

Nonconvex.jl is a package that aims to interface all the major nonlinear and mixed integer nonlinear programming packages in Julia using a function-based API. Zygote.jl is used for automatic differentiation (AD) and ChainRules.jl can be used to define analytic gradients or custom adjoint rules for functions. Ipopt.jl, NLopt.jl, Percival.jl and Juniper.jl are some of the packages wrapped in Nonconvex.jl as of the writing of this abstract.

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