Pietro Vertechi

I completed my PhD in neuroscience at Champalimaud Research. There, my research work revolved around the inference of hidden states in tasks performed by both biological and artificial agents. Currently, I am working on novel methods for intelligible artificial intelligence.

An overview of my open source work can be found on my GitHub page.


13:00 UTC

Data Analysis and Visualization with AlgebraOfGraphics

07/29/2022, 1:00 PM — 1:10 PM UTC

Based on the Makie library, AlgebraOfGraphics offers visualizations for common analyses (frequency table, 1- or 2-D histogram and kernel density, linear and non-linear regression...), as well as functions to express how the data should be processed, grouped, styled, and visualized. These building blocks can be combined using the * and + operators, thus forming a rich algebra of visualizations. The unified syntax layer simplifies the creation of AlgebraOfGraphics-based UIs for data analysis.

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