Chris Hill

Chris Hill is a computational scientist at MIT who has developed ocean and planetary models and modeling tools that are used by thousands of researchers yearly. He has been working with members of the Julia community from its earliest days.


15:00 UTC

Hands-on ocean modeling and ML with Oceananigans.jl

Come get your feet wet with Oceananigans.jl, a native Julia, fast, friendly, flexible and fun ocean model. In the first half of this workshop participants will be helped to run and analyze one of several simple ocean problems. The problems relate to state-of-the-art challenges in climate science and computational science. In the second half we will examine Julia language features, packages and design choices that enable Oceananigans.jl.

14:00 UTC

Differentiable Earth system models in Julia

This minisymposium will feature the use of the differentiable programming paradigm applied to Earth System Models (ESMs). The goal is to exploit derivative information and seamlessly combine PDE-constrained optimization and scientific machine learning (SciML). Speakers will address (1) Why differentiable programming for ESMs; (2) What ESM applications are we targeting?; and (3) How are we realizing differentiable ESMs? Target ESMs include ice sheet, ocean, and solid Earth models.

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