Mikhail Mikhasenko

I am a physicist studying exotic matter formation via resonance phenomena of the QCD.

Field: elementary particles, hadron spectroscopy

Organizations: CERN (LHCb, COMPASS), JPAC, ORIGINS Cluster


13:50 UTC

Julia for data analysis in High Energy Physics

07/29/2021, 1:50 PM2:00 PM UTC

The talk presents the first data analysis in the LHCb experiment performed in Julia (arXiv:2107.03419). The analysis includes data selection, building and combining complex PDFs (AlgebraPDF.jl), likelihood fitting, angular analysis (FourVectors.jl, ThreeBodyDecay.jl, PartialWaveFunctions.jl), hypotheses testing, and running pseudo experiments. New packages enrich Julia ecosystem fostering the adoption of the language in the High Energy Physics community.

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