Building an inclusive (and fun!) Julia community

07/29/2022, 1:10 PM1:20 PM UTC


A critical component of any programming language’s potential for impact is the diversity of its community! A supportive, inclusive community draws in new learners, brings fresh perspectives to package development, and ultimately expands the reach a language has.


In this talk, we focus on the advances in gender diversity that have been made by the Julia community this year: from the development of the new beginner-level live course “Learn Julia with Us” to the continued outreach, community building and mutual support by Julia Gender Inclusive as a whole.

Kyla and Julia will share their experiences in co-organizing Julia Gender Inclusive and an equivalent group in the R community. The talk hopes to inspire and share tips for fostering a community that is inclusive and accessible, encouraging underrepresented groups to learn and lead with confidence, and creating an atmosphere that is supportive for all, no matter their background!

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