ClimateModels.jl -- A Simple Interface To Climate Models

07/30/2021, 7:50 PM8:00 PM UTC


Here we provides a uniform interface to climate models of varying complexity and completeness. Models that range from low dimensional to whole Earth System models are ran and analyzed via this simple interface. Three examples illustrate this framework as applied to:

  • a stochastic path (zero-dimensional, Julia function)
  • a shallow water model (two-dimensional, Julia package)
  • a general circulation model (high-dim., feature-rich, fortran, MPI)


Key objectives of this project include:

  • make it as easy to run complex models as it is to run simple ones and, hopefully, so easy that that they can all be used interactively in classrooms
  • enable the Julia community to access widely-used, full-featured models right now and comfortably using notebooks, IDEs, terminal, and batch (1).
  • enable the climate science community to leverage the booming Julia ecosystem for analyzing model output and experimenting with models (2).
  • provide basic pipelining (e.g. Channel), book-keeping (e.g. Git), and documenting features (e.g. Pkg) to make complex workflows easier to reproduce, modify, and share with others.

(1) The MITgcm, used as example, has configurations for Ocean, Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Biosphere in forward as well as an adjoint mode (via AD).

(2) Both on-premise or via cloud based environments.

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