Julia in Private Organizations

07/29/2021, 7:00 PM8:30 PM UTC
BoF/Mini Track


Using Julia code within private organizations can encounter challenges not faced in the open-source community. In this BoF, we'll be discussing the unique aspects of using Julia in private organizations and cover topics such as: production deployments, tooling/ techniques for teams coding in Julia, and answering questions regarding transition/adopting Julia within an organization.


Every private organization works slightly differently with how they operate and the internal tooling they use. As Julia users who work in private organizations we'll use this BoF as an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges we've faced while using Julia within our organizations and how we've solved them. This BoF is suitable for members of private organizations which already are established in using Julia and advocates pushing for Julia to be adopted.

Discussion points will include:

  • Are you using repository hosting besides GitHub? Have you faced any challenges with integrating open-source tools? (e.g. CI tooling, GitHub specific tools)
  • Did you face any challenges when setting up a private Julia package registry?
  • What tooling to you use to assist with new package registry entries? (e.g. Bots, RegistryCI.jl)
  • How do you keep private code up to date with public dependencies? (e.g. major version changes, deprecations, etc.)
  • How does Julia fit into your production environment? A service, batch job, etc.
  • What cloud infrastructure do you use for running distributed Julia?
  • Solutions for containerizing Julia: shared base images, optimizing startup time, etc.
  • Procedures for moving closed-source to open-source?
  • Advice for adopting Julia within an organization

Hopefully, this BoF will allow different organizations using similar tooling/techniques to connect and work together. The result of this could be an improved workflow experience for these organizations and ideally a much smoother transition for those organizations just starting to adopt Julia.

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