JuliaSPICE: A Composable ML Accelerated Analog Circuit Simulator

07/29/2021, 1:30 PM2:00 PM UTC


Analog circuit simulation is widely used to design and verify analog circuits before they are manufactured. We present a novel, composable SPICE simulator written entirely in Julia, called JuliaSPICE.


Modern analog design and verification requires semi-custom and complex flows that are difficult to construct with commercial tools since they are built around rigid command-line batch flows. In comparison, JuliaSPICE is built from the ground up for flexibility with a full Julia API so users can automate complex tasks without using slow disk IO and parsers. User-defined measurements or checks, written in Julia, can be executed inline with the simulator allowing the designer to dynamically alter the simulation and make on-the-fly measurements JuliaSPICE is also advancing the latest ML techniques with surrogate models and is funded by a DARPA award with the goal of delivering a 1000x speed-up over traditional approaches. The composability of a Julia solution will be demonstrated from within a Pluto notebook, showing interactive analyses not available in other simulators. The user will leave with a much better understanding of how Julia can be leveraged in an environment to accelerate their workflows, whether performing analog simulations or other tasks.

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