Package development in VSCode

07/23/2021, 2:00 PM5:00 PM UTC


The Julia extension for VSCode provides a multitude of tools and commands to make package development and interactive coding easy. We'll provide an overview on how to develop a Julia package from scratch and show how to use the debugger and profiler efficiently to find and fix faulty logic or performance issues.


The Julia extension for VSCode has changed significantly over the last year, with multiple feature additions and UX improvements. At the same time, VSCode has many not particularly widely known yet very useful features.

This workshop aims to introduce new as well experienced users to a package development workflow in VSCode, including use cases like debugging and profiling as well as how to best use inline evaluation or the Revise integration. We'll also provide an overview on the various possibilities for interactive data exploration/analysis, the remote capabilities built into VScode, and more.

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