Optical simulation with the OpticSim.jl package

07/30/2021, 8:20 PM8:30 PM UTC




OpticSim.jl is an open source (https://github.com/microsoft/OpticSim.jl) Julia package for simulation and optimization of complex optical systems developed by the Microsoft Research Interactive Media Group and the Microsoft HART group.

It is designed to allow optical engineers to create optical systems procedurally and then to simulate and optimize them.

A large variety of surface types are supported, and these can be composed into complex 3D objects through the use of constructive solid geometry (CSG). A substantial catalog of optical materials is provided through the GlassCat submodule.

The software provides extensive control over the modelling, simulation, and visualization of optical systems. It is especially suited for designs that have a procedural architecture.

The talk will explain how to use OpticSim.jl to simulate various types of optical systems.

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