A Brief Introduction to InfrastructureModels

07/30/2021, 1:00 PM1:30 PM UTC
JuMP Track


The design, operation and resilience of critical infrastructure networks plays a foundational role in modern society. One open question is how artificial intelligence can provide decision support to maintain and adapt critical infrastructures to a changing world. This talk provides an overview of InfrastructureModels, a software foundation developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory for critical infrastructures analysis and optimization to help explore this question.


This talk will begin by motivating the need for optimization of the design and operations of critical infrastructure networks and discuss some of the challenges facing future infrastructure systems. It will then highlight why Julia and JuMP provide an ideal foundation for to building critical infrastructure analysis capabilities. The talk will finish with an overview of the design and use of Los Alamos National Laboratory's InfrastructureModels packages using optimization of electric power transmission networks as a specific example.

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