About the Conference

What is JuliaCon?

JuliaCon is the conference dedicated to the Julia programming language. The conference is fully virtual this year and talks run from July 28th through July 30th, 2021 with workshops running the previous week.

This year, JuMP-dev, the annual developer workshop for the JuMP mathematical optimization ecosystem is co-located with JuliaCon.

How do I register?

All of the conference materials are available here for free, but registration is required (don't worry, it's free!). You can register on the JuliaCon 2021 site.

How do I attend?

You're in the right place! Check out the conference agenda to discover interesting talks and use the live app to watch talks in real time.

Join the conference Discord server to engage with other attendees, ask questions to presenters, network, and get familiar with the vibrant and welcoming Julia community.

How do I get my conference swag?

T-shirts and mugs are available on the Julia Bonfire store. You can also get Julia stickers on our RedBubble shop!

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