JuliaHub's mission is to bring the power of Julia to the world of scientific and technical computing. To equip the brightest minds working on the world’s most challenging problems with massive computational power, unparalleled speed and efficiency in a seamless and secure environment.




We make machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Our key technology is the lithography system, which brings together high-tech hardware and advanced software to control the chip manufacturing process. All of the world’s top chipmakers like Samsung, Intel and TSMC use our technology, enabling the waves of innovation that help tackle the world’s toughest challenges. www.asml.com.


Pumas AI

With deep expertise in allied fields of clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, drug development, regulations and advanced data analytics including machine learning, Pumas-AI works with companies, laboratories and universities as their healthcare intelligence partner. Our proprietary solutions tap the potential of data with the power of advanced scientific analytics. We help scientists, healthcare providers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses as well as regulatory bodies plan, develop, test and deliver better.

QuEra Computing Inc.

QuEra is a neutral-atom based quantum computing startup located in the heart of Boston near Harvard University. The company is founded on pioneering research by world-renowned scientists Mikhail Lukin, Vladan Vuletic, and Markus Greiner at Harvard and MIT. At QuEra, our mission is to build the most scalable quantum computers to date to tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications in optimization, simulation, materials-science, pharmaceuticals, and more. To do so, we are assembling a world-class team of scientists and engineers to bring quantum computing from promise to reality.

Relational AI

At RelationalAI, we are building the world’s fastest, most scalable, most expressive, most open knowledge graph management system, built on top of the world’s only complete relational reasoning engine that uses the knowledge and data captured in enterprise databases to learn and reason. Check out their case studies and demos: introduction to and overview of Relational AI's breakthrough Relational Knowledge Graph Management System, a demo of it in action, and a tax analysis case study.

Jeffrey Sarnoff

Jeffrey Sarnoff is avid contributor and supporter of the Julia language and community for many years.



Jolin.io is committed to a future in which data processing is not only easy and works, but also uses our energy efficiently and sparingly. They are making Julia the industry standard for modern data science technology. Being an economy for the common good Jolin.io combines excellent business with the care for our world and our society.

Beacon Biosignals

Founded in 2019, Beacon Biosignals' launch was propelled by the application of contemporary high-performance computing techniques to scale out the analysis of large brainwave datasets. Today, Beacon leverages Julia to interrogate brain function at unprecedented throughput and accelerate the development of new treatments for neurological disease.

Beacon's Platform enables population-level analyses that aggregate insights across hundreds of thousands of clinical EEGs, capturing the wide array of features that characterize the heterogeneity of brain function across a breadth of indications, setting a new data standard for neurobiomarker design. At this scale, traditional manual feature extraction methods become intractable due to cost, inter-rater variability, and the limited availability of trained experts. Beacon overcomes this bottleneck via an ever-growing suite of machine learning models that replicate the consensus interpretation of clinical experts and exceed human capabilities over thousands of hours of biosignal recordings. Our Platform equips customers with the ability to leverage Beacon's scalable brain health analytics throughout the lifecycle of drug discovery, development, and deployment.


MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory pioneers research in computing that improves the way people work, play, and learn.

CSAIL focuses on developing fundamental new technologies, conducting basic research that furthers the field of computing, and inspiring and educating future generations of scientists and technologists.


As a leading global aerospace company, Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries. As a top U.S. exporter, the company leverages the talents of a global supplier base to advance economic opportunity, sustainability and community impact.

Academic Partner


.NAWA is set up to coordinate state activities driving the process of internationalization of Polish academic and research institutions. The mission of NAWA is to foster the development of Poland in the area of science and higher education.

Local Partner


Postmates is a food delivery service, founded in 2011, and acquired by Uber in 2020. It offers local delivery of restaurant-prepared meals and other goods.

Fiscal Sponsor


The mission of NumFOCUS is to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing by serving as a fiscal sponsor for open source projects and organizing community-driven educational programs.