Join Discord!

Discord is where all the discussion around JuliaCon will take place. You'll need to make a Discord account if you don't have one (the process below will prompt you to login to or register for Discord). Your Discord nickname will be set to the name you used when registering for JuliaCon in order to promote an air of authenticity and professionalism among attendees.

If you’re comfortable using the designated hallway channels to direct questions to presenters, please do so. This way everyone can benefit from the answer you get! Attendees are encouraged to request new channels to create gathering places for those with specific interests (e.g., #web for attendees interested in applications of Julia to the web). Let us know in #channel-requests if you’d like a new text or voice channel. To report issues, please contact an admin (red) or organizer (blue) on Discord. Organizers are identifiable in the user list on Discord.

Note that if you asked for you ticket to be refunded, you will need to re-register for the conference (at no cost).

As a reminder, discussion in the JuliaCon 2020 Discord server must adhere to the JuliaCon Code of Conduct as well as the JuliaCon Code of Conduct . Please also observe these expectations for the server:

  • Discussion in the conference track channels (#red, #green, and #purple) should pertain to the talk currently airing in the corresponding track.
  • When engaged in voice channels, participants should be muted when not speaking or should use the push-to-talk feature.
  • All Direct Messages (DMs) must be of a professional and respectful nature. If you wish to disable DMs from other attendees, you can do so as described in the Discord documentation.
  • For speakers, please do not exceed your allocated question-and-answer time (i.e. do not continue to use the channel for Q&A after the following talk has begun). Feel free to move to direct messaging if you wish to ask a question after the end of a talk.

By joining the JuliaCon 2020 Discord server, you are acknowledging the rules above and are agreeing to follow them.

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