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Julia Computing

Julia Computing is expanding its team to provide the best possible Julia experience to its customers. We are hiring product managers, cloud engineers, sales engineers, compiler experts, ML practitioners, application developers, at all levels of seniority. Check out our jobs page here.

Relational AI

We have a job posting available for anyone interested in working with us on our integration with the Julia language and package ecosystem. Other job openings can be found here .


Invenia is a machine learning lab based in Cambridge, UK and Winnipeg, Manitoba. We’re using Julia to optimise complex systems. For more information about Invenia, please visit We are currently hiring Developers and Researchers with a wide range of expertise, including machine learning, data science, power systems, and research software engineering. For details about current opportunities available, please visit

Pumas AI

Contact us at careers AT pumas DOT ai. Otherwise, find our Discord channel at the conference.

QuEra Computing

Check out openings here . For questions contact Thanos Pantazis (tpantazis AT quera-computing DOT com)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

We have:

  1. Faculty Openings
  2. PostDoc and Research Scientist Openings
  3. Student Admissions
If you have questions, reach out to the appropriate e-mail and contacts listed on the KAUST website.

We are hiring data engineers.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Preclinical I&T is hiring a Julia developer to join our mission of evaluating new therapies using high throughput imaging analytics and transfer learning between clinical and preclinical data. If interested, please check out this job posting.

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