Nikola Surjanovic

Nikola Surjanovic is a Vanier Scholar pursuing a PhD in Statistics at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr. Alexandre Bouchard-Côté and Dr. Trevor Campbell. His primary research interest is in scalable Bayesian inference algorithms with theoretical guarantees.


14:10 UTC

Pigeons.jl: Distributed sampling from intractable distributions

07/28/2023, 2:10 PM — 2:20 PM UTC

Pigeons.jl enables users to leverage distributed computation to obtain samples from complicated probability distributions, such as multimodal posteriors arising in Bayesian inference and high-dimensional distributions in statistical mechanics. Pigeons is easy to use single-threaded, multi-threaded and/or distributed over thousands of MPI-communicating machines. We demo Pigeons.jl and offer advice to Julia developers who wish to implement correct distributed and randomized algorithms.

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