Fredrik Bagge Carlson

I received my MSc and PhD 2019 from the Dept. Automatic Control in Lund, Sweden, working within the fields of control, machine learning and robotics. I have since spent a year with the Acoustic Research Laboratory at NUS and subsequently made the transition to industry, working with dynamic modeling, control and programming-language design in a robotics context. I am now working with Julia Computing on software tools for acausal modeling, simulation, optimization and control in the Julia programming language.


16:30 UTC

Control-systems analysis and design with JuliaControl

07/29/2022, 4:30 PM5:00 PM UTC

The Julia language is uniquely suitable for control-systems analysis and design. Features like a mathematical syntax, powerful method overloading, strong and generic linear algebra, arbitrary-precision arithmetics, all while allowing high performance, creates a compelling platform to build a control ecosystem upon. We will present the JuliaControl packages and illustrate how they make use of Julia to enable novel and sophisticated features while keeping implementations readable and maintainable.

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