Fredrik Bagge Carlson

I received my MSc and PhD 2019 from the Dept. Automatic Control in Lund, Sweden, working within the fields of control, machine learning and robotics. I have since spent a year with the Acoustic Research Laboratory at NUS and subsequently made the transition to industry, working with dynamic modeling, control and programming-language design in a robotics context. I am now working with JuliaHub on software tools for acausal modeling, simulation, optimization and control in the Julia programming language.


16:00 UTC

Linear analysis of ModelingToolkit models

07/27/2023, 4:00 PM4:30 PM UTC
32-D463 (Star)

We detail recent work on linear analysis of ModelingToolkit models. We talk about the linearization itself, the subsequent simplification of models with algebraic equations into standard linear statespace models and about causal elements introduced to enable a more convenient workflow for analysis. We end with examples, illustrating mode shapes of a series of masses and springs, compute gain and phase margins of an electrical circuit, and determine the stability properties of a control system.

19:00 UTC

Intro to modeling with ModelingToolkitStandardLibrary

07/27/2023, 7:00 PM7:30 PM UTC
32-D463 (Star)

ModelingToolkitStandardLibrary is a library of components to model the world and beyond. We will demonstrate how various Mechanical, Electrical, Magnetic, and Thermal components can be used as basic building blocks to simulate complex models. We will talk about design choices, vision, and future plans for the package.

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