Albert R. Gnadt

B.S. from UW-Madison MechE, M.S. and PhD from MIT AeroAstro. Interested in sustainability, transportation (especially aviation), and the Julia programming language. Former NSF GRFP fellow. Private pilot.


18:30 UTC

Knowledge-Informed Learning in MagNav.jl for Magnetic Navigation

07/28/2023, 6:30 PM7:00 PM UTC
32-D463 (Star)

The Earth’s crustal magnetic field is a powerful tool for navigation as an alternative to GPS. MagNav.jl is an open-source Julia package containing algorithms for both aeromagnetic compensation and navigation. Alongside baseline algorithms, such as Tolles-Lawson, this package enables multiple scientific machine learning approaches for compensation. This talk will cover some of these techniques and advanced use cases for MagNav.jl in navigation.

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