Youngsung Kim

Youngsung Kim is a software performance engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

  • Julia Accelerator Interfaces(JAI): embrace conventional languages(Fortran, C, C++) as well as GPU programming(Cuda/Hip, OpenAcc, OpenMP) within Julia.


18:30 UTC

Accelerating the Migration of Large-Scale Simulation to Julia

07/28/2023, 6:30 PM7:00 PM UTC

Julia Accelerator Interfaces(JAI, tries to solve the issues in code migration from Fortran to Julia GPU by using shared libraries. JAI consists of 1) Julia GPU programming interface using Julia macros whose syntax is similar to OpenACC. 2) Automated shared library generation that implements kernels and vendor API interfaces using vendor-provided compilers. 3) Automated call to functions implemented in the shared libraries using Julia ccall interface.

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