Eric P. Hanson

I recently finished my PhD in quantum information theory at the University of Cambridge. I’m now a Research Scientist working at Beacon Biosignals, trying to make brain monitoring easily accessible, interpretable, and actionable.


19:00 UTC

Code, docs, and tests: what's in the General registry?

07/28/2021, 7:00 PM7:30 PM UTC

The General registry is the collection of open source packages that makes up the Julia package ecosystem. Here, we take a survey: what fraction of packages have tests? CI? Docs? An open source license? How big are most packages? What's the biggest one? Are there many tiny packages? We will explore these questions and more with charts, plots, and discussion. We'll also show how to use PackageAnalyzer.jl to collect the data for yourself or take a look at a particular package (perhaps your own!).

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