Simon Byrne

Simon is the lead software engineer at the CliMA project.


16:30 UTC

Julia in High-Performance Computing

07/29/2021, 4:30 PM โ€” 5:15 PM UTC
BoF/Mini Track

The JuliaHPC community as a group maintains the infrastructure for using Julia in high-performance computing. In this BoF we invite newcomers, application developers, and maintainers to join us for an informal discussion around the state of Julia in HPC.

19:30 UTC

Creating a Shared Library Bundle with Package Compiler

07/29/2021, 7:30 PM โ€” 7:40 PM UTC

PackageCompiler.jl has become the de facto method for creating standalone Julia applications. In this talk, we will demonstrate the use of PackageCompiler.jl to produce shared library bundles. This functionality was added recently and allows the easy creation of location-independent dynamic libraries which can be linked to and called from C, C++, Rust, or other languages which can link to and use C libraries.

20:00 UTC

Deep Dive: Creating Shared Libraries with PackageCompiler.jl

07/29/2021, 8:00 PM โ€” 8:30 PM UTC

The ability to create shared library bundles was recently added to PackageCompiler.jl. In this talk, we will discuss the technical details of the implementation and give in-depth examples of using the resulting shared library bundles from C and Rust.

19:40 UTC

ClimaCore.jl: Tools for building spatial discretizations

07/30/2021, 7:40 PM โ€” 7:50 PM UTC

This talk will cover ClimaCore.jl: a suite of tools for building spatial discretizations, primarily aimed at weather and climate modeling applications. It provides a high-level interface for composing multiple operators and functions, and are compatible with the SciML suite of differential equations solvers.

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