Alain Marcotte

More than forty years in scientific computing after a bachelor degree in mathematics. Worked on applications such as gas turbine simulation, autocad for the garment industry, flying personnel schedulers. Amongst the different computing languages I've used Scheme and now favor functional programming. Currently in the demand forecast team of Hydro-Québec, the main public electric utility in the province of Quebec in Canada . This team is revamping their forecast models; my contribution includes converting some of their models from Fortran to Julia.


19:00 UTC

Replacing legacy Fortran in a hydroelectrical critical system

07/27/2023, 7:00 PM7:30 PM UTC

Hydro-Quebec is a public electricity utility for the province of Quebec in Canada. Its demand forecast team has been working for decades with Fortran models used daily in a critical system. Julia was selected as the replacement for Fortran. An optimisation library with call-backs was converted to Julia. The Julia version of the library is exempt of Fortran interface, and we present how the Fortran applications are modified to call either version of the library as to compare their behaviours.

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