Joris Kraak

I'm a senior software engineer with GN Advanced Science and have been working with Julia since 2014. My Julia work is focused on platform development for rapid prototyping of audio signal processing algorithm personalization and cloud-based deployment. I'm passionate about making software development accessible from a technical perspective through abstraction and automation.


19:40 UTC

Semantically Releasing Julia Packages

07/29/2021, 7:40 PM7:50 PM UTC

The Julia community has embraced semantic versioning from a very early stage (if not from the get-go). The Julia package release flow has also been put through its paces and is easy to get started with. This is a great foundation and may be sufficient for most. However, some may require a more structured approach to release preparation, incorporating it into their day-to-day operations. This talk will show how to use the 'semantic release' framework for Julia packages to accomplish this.

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