Srinivas K Datta

A multi-disciplinary applied researcher with interest in data analysis tools and platforms such as Julia, Python, R, STATA, SAS, and SPSS. Interested in using GLMs, GLMMs, Bayesian methods, machine learning, and time series forecasting in bioinformatics, consumer goods, epidemiology, healthcare, marketing, and media mix optimization.


19:30 UTC

Comparison of Choice models in Julia, Python, R, and STATA

07/27/2023, 7:30 PM8:00 PM UTC

The proposal is about which Covid vaccine would be selected by target group of patients in a cross cultural comparison of US and India as features related to the vaccines vary. The data is analyzed using packages from Julia, Python, R, and STATA. The objective is to present a comparison of tools while analyzing an extremely relevant and time critical data related to Covid vaccinations

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