Volker Karle

I'm a PhD student at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (in Vienna in Austria) and I work as a Quantum theorist in the field of periodically driven non-equilibrium systems that are realizable in table-top experiments such as laser-driven molecules. In my research, I try to evaluate new kind of non-Abelian topological invariants that could give rise of exotic non-equilibrium behavior. In my work, I make use of the Julia language after many years of C++/python and I'm still fascinated by certain mechanics such as multiple dispatch. I'm happy to talk about Quantum physics, high-performance programming or math-heavy computations. In my free-time I enjoy playing Chess, climbing and making music.


18:00 UTC

Exploring topological invariants of Quantum systems in Julia

07/27/2023, 6:00 PM6:10 PM UTC

This talk explores the capabilities of the Julia ecosystem for topological physics, specifically the calculation of topological invariants for periodically driven non-equilibrium Quantum systems. Often, these quantities are related to topological properties of complicated geometric objects. Julia's ability to streamline these calculations and easily integrate mathematical libraries via multiple dispatch offers a powerful toolbox that simplify the exploration of new phenomena considerably.

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