Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in the Julia Community

07/28/2023, 3:00 PM3:10 PM UTC


The Julia community aims to be welcoming, diverse, inclusive towards people from all backgrounds. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of engagement and representation of people identifying from underrepresented backgrounds. In this talk, we will present different initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented individuals and groups within the Julia community such as Julia Gender Inclusive, JuliaCN, and the Development and Diversity Fund.


During the presentation, we will provide updates on the Julia Gender Inclusive initiative. We will discuss statistics on gender diversity within the Julia community, our organized coffee hours, and mentored Hackathons to foster an inclusive environment for people of all genders.

Additionally, we will discuss new funding opportunities within the Julia community to support specifically those from underrepresented populations. One example will be The Julia Community Development and Diversity Fund which focuses on providing micro-grants to support individuals or groups lacking access to traditional computing resources within the Julia Community.

Another initiative discussed will also highlight the JuliaCN Community Fund, which promotes translation efforts and makes resources more accessible to Chinese Julia users. The mission of this fund is to propose a long-term English-to-Chinese translation program to cover anything that is stable and useful to Chinese Julia users.

For each initiative, We will discuss efforts from the past year, highlight progress and ongoing efforts of this group and how attendees can get involved and support these efforts whether in financial or volunteer bases.

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