Jacob Zelko

My Name Is Jacob S. Zelko – Pleasure To Meet You!

I am a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in biomedical engineering. While pursuing my BS, I worked as a data information specialist and biomedical informaticist in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Emory University doing research in the areas of computational psychiatry and worked with The Center for Discovery as an engineering consultant to aid in caring for their juvenile neurocognitively diverse population. Currently, I work as a Health Data Analytics and Informatics Researcher at Georgia Tech Research Institute and as a Consultant with the Centers for Disease Control.


12:30 UTC

Live Coding: Outreach and Beyond

07/29/2021, 12:30 PM2:00 PM UTC
BoF/Mini Track

The goal of this session is to gather people interested in streaming their programming sessions. Streaming code is a particular exercise, we want to foster the exchange of best practices, tips and thoughts. In particular, we would like to see to which extent Julia streamers have managed to reach an audience beyond the Julia community, used streams as a teaching medium and how we can improve the formats to make it more accessible to newcomers. The BoF is not limited to streamers, people watching

19:00 UTC

Javis.jl - Julia Animations and Visualizations

07/29/2021, 7:00 PM7:30 PM UTC

Javis.jl is a general purpose animation library which builds on top of the Luxor.jl graphics library. It fills a gap in the Julia ecosystem by providing functionality to create object based animations to communicate complex ideas through simple means. Furthermore, Javis provides the flexibility for users to extend Javis’s visualizations to a variety of applications. Users are already expressing complicated ideas through winsome domain specific visuals such as planetary motion or brain mapping.

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