Miguel Raz Guzmán Macedo

I try to do physics, Julia, and Rust, both in english and in spanish.

Ask me about the REPL, spanish intensive Julia courses or for corporate trainings on how to learn Rust.


14:20 UTC

Julia Para Gente Con Prisa (Spanish)

07/28/2023, 2:20 PM ÔÇö 2:30 PM UTC

Este pl├ítica consta de compartir la experiencia de haber presentado un curso llamado Julia Para Gente Con Prisa en el IIMAS de la UNAM en el verano de 2022. Es un curso dise├▒ado para primerizos pero con aplicaciones para gente que quiere explotar lo m├ís posible de sus cores en ciencias de datos o proyectos de inter├ęs social

14:40 UTC

The Slack thread that would not die

07/28/2023, 2:40 PM ÔÇö 2:50 PM UTC

A handful of Julians get nerdsniped into a ridiculous benchmarking spat with all the other languages.

After a 1000+ slack thread that defied numerical stability, common sense and message quotas, our intrepid Julians won nothing but a few lost days of productive heckling.

It was beautiful.

18:00 UTC

Julia and Rust BoF

07/28/2023, 6:00 PM ÔÇö 7:00 PM UTC

Julia and Rust both punch above their weight, but how well do they gel together? We'll invite community members to speak on their experiences interfacing the languages in both directions, future possibilities of collaboration and leveraging the best of both worlds.

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